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3 tips to make Arkham City more fun

Batman Arkham City

So Folks! It is not always that you cover a game more than a year after its launch but that’s the beauty of Open World games specially if it has Batman 🙂 So we compiled 3 tips which will enhance your experience as the caped crusader.

1) Get into fistfights.

 One of the beauties of development studio Rocksteady’s Batman series is that you can button-mash through it and have a good time, but you can have an even better time fighting through each skirmish with the precision you’d normally reserve for playing a rhythm game. The best way to get that rhythm is to practice, practice. So send Batman down to the streets and make him punch people in the face. Or the ribs. Or the back. Or put his foot in their gut, on their jaw. Etc.

Check out this fun video created just for you Guys who have fun watching & playing as Batman 🙂

2) Don’t play on Easy.

First of all, the game isn’t that hard. Second, you can only access the game’s second New Game Plus play-through if you’ve finished it on Normal or Hard.

3) Get that Catwoman DLC, and get it before you start.

The ability to play as Catwoman is available only once you download about 200 MB of data. Do that before you start, because it will affect how the game begins. The new Catwoman intro isn’t great, but her later missions are good plus, she’s fun to play 🙂


Hope you liked these simple yet fun tips, you can check out more on Batman Arkham Origins here

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