Winners Of The Game Awards 2015

Appearing first at the Spike Video Game Awards, the Geof Keighley produced video game accolades show has taken on many different iterations. Now it exists as an online streaming only live event dubbed simply The Game Awards, and without any of the “riff raff,” the hope is that the winners will all be fitting releases. This year, competition was plenty heated between a handful of games, many of which were years in the making. Fallout 4 was the clear favorite to win any and every award heading into the end of 2015, but games like The Witcher 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5 were not going to go out quietly. And in the end, it wasn’t Bethesda and Fallout 4, but rather CD Projekt Red and The Witcher 3 that came away the big winners. The ambitious RPG experience clearly took the judges by storm and was...

Razer India Contest Winners

Hey folks, We had an overwhelming response, and we just wanted to thank all of you for participating and sharing your views. Our three lucky winners this time are Sudhanshu Bajaj (top), Arvind Yadav (middle) and Jason Cornelius (last). These guys win exclusive Razer merchandise. Our winners had really given us decent insight to their characters, and at the same time had brought out their flaws, which presented a rather balanced and wholesome point of view. But the rest of you gamers out there, don’t give up, we have another contest underway. We are working on the technical side of things and should have this contest up and running in a day or two.  

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