tekken 7 review

Tekken It To The Next Level: Tekken 7 Review

Family fights, weird animal fighters, and various devils, Tekken has always been a bit over the top but awesome. It is a game with which I have a lot of fond memories. Starting from Tekken 3, I’ve played almost all the Tekken games barring Tag-Tournament and was very excited to hear that Tekken 7 was going to be released on PC but was sceptical about whether or not it would run well on the PC. After playing through everything the game had to offer, here’s what I thought about it. Starting with the Story Mode. The story was honestly quite good and revealed a lot about certain characters which gave them more depth and was good character development. At first, it seemed pretty bland but it picked up towards the end and felt somewhat satisfying. The story itself was quite short and...

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