How Sumo India Studios is Leveraging Unreal Engine 5 to build the Games of the Future

For game developers looking to build AAA titles of the highest calibre, Unreal Engine has been a pioneer as well as one of the popular game engine development tools. Since Epic Games developed it around 25 years ago, there have been several iterations and updates. Only recently, Epic released its new version of Unreal Engine—version 5. Several examples of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities have been demonstrated since its release in April 2022. Unreal Engine 5 is even being used to create the upcoming Witcher video game. Thus, it is only natural that a prominent game developer like Sumo uses it to maximize the impact of its games. Sumo Pune was the second studio that Sumo Digital created, and it was founded in 2007. Since then, Sumo Pune has grown to become India's top location for c...

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