GTA V Online Gameplay releases 15th August

Rockstar has confirmed that the online gameplay for their latest installment of Grand Theft Auto is scheduled to be released on the 15th of this month. The teaser image below states that a a gameplay video will be released on the 15th which will be one of the first glimpses into the multiplayer component of GTA V. You can watch the gameplay video here Looks like cutting ‘pathangs’ isn’t going to be the only way we celebrate this Independence Day  

New GTA V Screens are here

We are just 2 months away from the release of the next title in the Grand Theft Auto series? With all the hype surrounding the next gen consoles strong sales is something thing that GTA and folks at Rockstar are looking at.  Take a look at these 12 new GTA V screenshots including the awkward one with Trevor riding a quad bike in his underpants. For a list of upcoming games of 2013 check out here 🙂 Enjoy!!

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