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Overwatch Year of the Rooster Event Goes Live, Brings Nerfs To D.Va and Ana

Revealed recently, the Year of the Rooster event is now live in Overwatch, and with it, the new wave of changes and fixes. Here’s what all you can expect: In addition to a horde of character skins, cosmetics, victory poses and highlight intros, there is a new mode called Capture the Rooster, a tweaked version of the age-old Capture the Flag mode. The update also bring the balance changes previously in PTR – the long awaited Hook 2.0 (sorry Roadhog), major nerfs to Ana and D.Va, and a teeny-tiny buff to Sombra. Starting off with D.Va, the hottie-drive MEKA’s health is still the same (600), but now only 200 of it is now armour, dropping from the initial 400. Her guns have also been nerfed, now dealing only 2 damage per bullet, but the bullet shots have been increased from 8...

New Overwatch Event Begins Next Week!

The next in-game event for Overwatch has been announced, and begins next week. Celebrating the Year of the Rooster, the event will start on 24th January. Not much has been revealed about what the event will entail, but if the teasers are any clue, Mei and D.Va are getting new skins to say the least. 여러분♡ 새해 복 많이 받으세요! pic.twitter.com/vNEptK1SNb — 오버워치 (@OverwatchKR) January 19, 2017 ? Good luck and great fortune await! ? pic.twitter.com/Az6XkHScV5 — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) January 19, 2017 According to a Blizzard, the Year of the Rooster event will be similar to past events, like the ones focused around Halloween and Christmas. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

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