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5 Tricky Shots for a Sure-shot Win in the Carrom Board Game

You must know about at least a few tricky carrom shots that help you win a game. In this article, we will be covering some more tricky shots that you can practice while playing carrom game online. Let’s begin. Second-hit shot This tricky shot is played when one carrom man is blocking another carrom man’s way to the pocket. You aim to pocket two carrom men in a single shot. You try to hit the one that can push another carrom man into the pocket. Make sure that these two carrom men are in a straight line to the pocket. This shot is very useful in carrom 3D online too. Board shot This shot covers the entire board and hence it needs lots of practice and skill. Flick the striker in a way that it touches all the three sides of the board and at the end hits the carrom man placed at your side and ...

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