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ASUS Republic Of Gamers Announces ROG Sheath

You might have seen extended mouse pads and must have thought: “woah man that’s big”. Well, Asus is introducing something much bigger. Introducing Rog Sheath. Here’s a description from from the Asus rog page: “With the go big or go home mentality, ROG makes a statement by the announcement of ROG Sheath. As this sheath is capable of holding much more than a single sword. Whether you’ve armed yourself with a speedy long dagger dubbed Sica, the versatile Gladius sword or the deadly Spatha, here is the sheath for any and all of these weapons. The gargantuan 90cm X 44cm dimensions pretty much guarantees your death-by-mouse-pad days are over, there’s simply no edge for the mouse to fall off especially when you can easily put a 17-inch G752 gaming laptop (and perhaps your feline...

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