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Roundup August 2016: RX 480 Launch, Indie Game Jam, Celebrating Asphalt’s Birthday and More

The month of August had been quite a hectic one for all of us here at Gaming Central. From quite literally the start of the month we had events after events. But it was all worth it at the end when we got to meet our community members, who we interact with over our Facebook live-streams. Here is what went down at GC this month. Radeon RX 480 Launch Jasmeet was pulling off all-nighters to get stuff working. Pretty sure he’s sleeping in this picture. We hosted AMD’s RX 480 official launch here in India. We put up various systems to on display at the event for everyone to actually try VR on the 480. What most people missed out on was the manual labor that went on behind the scenes. Needless to say we didn’t have a lot of space in the office that week. We kinda just sat aroun...

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