Guillermo del Toro

Fuck Konami – Holiday Greetings From Guillermo del Toro

Once again, director Guillermo del Toro criticizes Konami, this time remembering the studio in his holiday wishes. Important Holiday messages that right true today as they always have: Feliz Navidad. Happy Holidays. Fuck Konami. — Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) December 25, 2016 This isn’t the first time the director has openly spoken against Konami. Being involved in the Silent Hill project before it was scrapped by the studio, Del Toro is now working with Kojima on his new game, Death Stranding. He also featured in the recent trailer showcased at The Game Awards. Konami claims that it is still committed to new Silent Hill titles, though they haven’t announced anything yet. Before Silent Hills, Del Toro was working with THQ on a game called Insane, but the game never saw light ...

Fallout 4: Coming Soon?

Bethesda is rumoured to have hired Guillermo del Toro-helmed Mirada Studios to create a cinematic trailer for Fallout 4. And the anticipation turned to outright frenzy when an artist at Mirada Studios listed “Fallout 4 cinematic trailer” in their public LinkedIn. Mirada Studios started frantically e-mailing gaming websites and asking them to take down the news, which itself was the perfect confirmation that this is the real deal. Or, we hope so!! Aren’t we all just starving for a huge open world post-apocalyptic game, and Fallout 4 could be just the thing to satiate that hunger!! Stay tuned at GamingCentral for more news and updates on Fallout 4!!

Silent Hills Game Cancelled

This news is probably going to be scarier than the game would have been itself (My gosh I’m so smart..I know you laughed Anisha!) The much anticipated Silent Hills, is never going to see a release date. The game was to be a collaboration of Metal Gear Solid’s Hideo Kojima and director Guillermo del Toro and was to feature The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus as the game’s lead. del Toro was the one who brought the world this bad news, telling audiences at a San Francisco Film Society event that the project was not going to continue. Apparently his exact words were “It’s not gonna happen and it breaks my greasy heart.” Reedus followed up with a tweet, “Super bummed about this was really looking forward to it. Hopefully it’ll come back around...

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