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INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE 2021: the development of esports in India

INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE 2021: Krafton’s Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI), a multi-player portable game, which was prior known as PUBG, has accumulated 40 million downloads in India and 60 million Daily Active users (DAUs) in just 90 days of its delivery in India, Aneesh Aravind, Head of distributing, India, Krafton educated a board at the nineteenth version of the India Today Conclave on Friday. The subject of the board conversation was “King Kong: The multibillion-dollar world of gaming. What’s more, why India is as yet playing get up to speed”. The board  at the India Today Conclave was thinking on the transitioning of the e-gaming industry in India when internationally the area is double the size of the movies and record name ventures joined. Aravind said that BGMI...

In Talks With Sand Sailor Studios

Just a couple of weeks ago we got early access to Black The Fall, which we really cannot wait to get our hands on once it comes out. The game is an atmospheric puzzle game set-up in a communist dystopian era and is developed by Sand Sailor Studios. We wanted to know more about this indie developer and got them to answer some questions for us. Can you tell us one thing about your game that no one else knows. Could just be the most random thing about your office/studio. When we introduced the Guardian, we used a placeholder sample sound for him to give the alarm. Sounded something like “Shmahat”. So even if we have proper voices and sounds now, internally we still call the Guardian: Shmahat. We pronounce it like this: [ʃmʌhat].   How did you guys come up with Black The Fall’s concept? W...

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