Samsung Gear S3 First Look | Gadget Review | Gaming Central ?

We get our hands on the Samsung Gear S3 at the launch of the Smartwatch. A classy looking Smartwatch designed by Yvan Arpa. Full review for the Samsung Gear S3 coming soon, so stay tuned! Be sure to follow us all over social media. We love attention! YouTube:: Facebook :: Twitter :: Instagram ::

Get Some Action On The Down Low: RunCam 2 Review

The first thing I noticed about the RunCam 2 was its unique shape. It has a different form factor compared to competitors like Xiaomi’s Yi or the GoPro series, making it a more appealing option for FPV and RC enthusiasts. For the most part, the device retains the length, width and weight of its predecessor’s. With just two buttons (Power and WiFi) on its body, the device looks awfully sleek. The LED ring around the power button lights up indicating the current mode you are on (Blue: Video, Green: Photo, Red: Charge). A lens hood surrounds the outer edge of the lens protecting it mainly from sun glare. However, I felt a lens cover would have been a better addition instead. But for about 7k, I thought RunCam did a more than a decent job in making sure the device looked sturdy. Bu...

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