CryEngine Getting Directx12, Vulkan Support

Crytek has recently revealed their planned roadmap for the CryEngine, and it may see a lot of important and big updates coming soon. Soon enough (hopefully this month), the CryEngine will get Directx12 multi-GPU and VR support, a full fledged Directx12 renderer, maybe NVIDIA’s Physx and much, much more. All these amazing features are listed for the update 5.2, up for release mid-August, according to CryTek’s website. So, if all goes as planned, we may be getting the update anytime now. Following in October, the 5.3 update will bring Vulkan support to the engine, adding a world of possibilities. Based on AMD’s Mantle API, Vulkan will provide another low-overhead option that has been showing increasingly better performance in latest titles. CryEngine has been used to develo...

Cryengine now supports Android TV and Occulus rift

The latest update to Cryengine by Crytek has brought in support for Virtual Reality and Android TV development. Both full license and the subscribers will be granted equal access to the new VR toolset which the update offers, also support for additional VR platforms will be coming later. The update also brings the support for the android TV developers, but there’s no mention supporting the development for android mobile devices. The major objective of the update was to bring in the support for the VR.

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