Bethesda’s Online Store

Fallout 4 Themed Xbox One Controller

Awesome Fallout-themed stuff at Great Discounts Bethesda’s online store kicked off a week-long. Starting from yesterday Bethesda has introduced new merchandise throughout the week. Women’s collection, Garage Lithographs, Hoodies etc etc are 20 percent off, you can also Fallout Anthology and get free shipping during the event if an US citizen. Fallout themed Xbox One controller has been showcased at Bethesda’s Online Store. Other new merchandise revealing this week include limited edition Fallout merch, including a Vault-Tec watch, Pip-Boy messenger bag, and a specialized Xbox One controller. Items will go for sale throughout the week, and each day offering a new prize. As reported by Bethesda there’s a limited supply of 5,000 of Xbox One Wired Vault Boy Controller a...

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