Battlefield 4 PC

Battlefield 4 Free On PC for Game Time

Battlefield 4 has come back to EA’s “Game Time” promotion on Origin, which means that PC users can now play the game for free. EA is giving you seven days of free play, though the clock runs through your eating and sleeping time. But the good thing is that the time needed to install the game doesn’t get counted in the hours allotted for you to play. Once you get the game running, the clock will begin, and you’ll be notified in-game with how much time you have left.   Those who want to buy Battlefield 4 when the game time ends do not have to worry about starting over, as the progress gets carried over. Battlefield 4 is not the only game available now through Game Time, though its duration of 168 hours is by far the longest. Others include Respawn Entertainment&#...

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