aven colony ps4 review

Aven Colony Review (PC & PS4)

As a huge fan of city building simulators, I was really looking forward to Aven Colony. And the fact that it’s also on PS4 was an added draw for me, since that’s where I primarily play. And this is where the game has me a bit divided. On consoles, it’s one of the better city builders you will find. But on PC, there’s a lot that Aven Colony lacks, specially when held against games like Sim City and Cities Skylines. Your main objective in Aven Colony is to colonize Aven Prime – an alien planet with a wide range of habitats ranging from deserts, tundras and tropical regions. The premise itself is fascinating. Building a colony in space sounds like the coolest thing ever. And in the beginning, it really does feel like it. The intro tutorials are easy to understand...

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