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Attack on Titan Gamescom Trailer Reveals New Titans, Will Continue Beyond Season 1

During the Gamescom conference, publisher Koei Tecmo has confirmed that their highly anticipated upcoming game, Attack on Titan will extend beyond the first season of the critically acclaimed anime. This announcement was made along with a new trailer for the game, which reveals two new types of Titans that the players will fight in the game: the immense, 50-feet tall armoured Titan and a new brand new Beast Titan. While the former may be a little familiar, the Beast Titan was not present in the first season and is more of a gigantic ape-like creature that possesses immeasurable amounts of force. Attack on Titan is based on the popular anime of the same name, and developed by Omega Force. The game shall be out this month on the 30th, for PS 4 and Xbox One. The game can also be obtained digi...

Games Of The Month: August 2016

I know it’s been a slow summer, with barely any notable game releases. However, the new wave of AA releases has just begun, and we have quite a few hugely anticipated games releasing this month. 1. ABZU Platform: PC, PS4 | Release Date: 2 August 2016 Abzû was announced at Sony Computer Entertainment’s 2014 E3 press conference, the first game under development by video game studio “Giant Squid”, founded by Flower and Journey art director Matt Nava, to be released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. Its name derives from the ancient words “ab” (ocean) and “zu” (to know), intended to be interpreted as “ocean of wisdom”. This is analogous to Abzu, the ancient Mesopotamian name for the religious concept of a primeval sea. The game...

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