Author: Angad Singh

Observation – Review

Observation is set on a space station which has apparently lost contact with home base. You wake up and have to figure out what exactly has gone wrong, and your only help is the onboard AI – SAM. The twist – SAM might not be completely open with you about the nature of your mission and the trip. Also, the story is told via the lens of the AI, so you will be controlling it for the most ...

Ape Out – Review

Imagine Hotline Miami, only you’re an ape escaping from confinement. Sound good? Well, that’s what Ape Out is all about – you smash your way through levels, destroying anyone in your way, and have a blast doing it. It’s a fun smash em’ up with a minimalist art style. Since you are an ape, there’s not a lot of weapons at your disposal. However, you can use your e...

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