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ZION Xtreme DDR4 RAM Review

ZION Xtreme DDR4 RAM Review

Rapid development in CPU technology has caused a ripple effect, demanding a similar push for development of better optimized and compatible products.  With RAM becoming cheaper and cheaper by the day, DDR4 RAM has become very popular in the past year. Recently, ZION released its Xtreme DDR4 2133MHz RAM and we couldn’t wait to check it out.

Like its previous counterparts, the DDR4 RAM maintains a similar design featuring their brand’s bold red colour, though we feel that the older DDR3 models looked slightly better. These RAM sticks come with inbuilt heat sinks for more efficient cooling.


The RAM is clocked at 2133 MHz. An AIDA64 test was carried out to see the memory read, write and copy speeds for the RAM and the numbers were pretty impressive, with all the values greater than 16000 MB/s. For avid gamers and people who rely on frequent multitasking, these speeds ensure smooth operation. Latency is quite low as well, with the slowest response time being 62 nanoseconds.

The ZION DDR4 Xtreme RAM series is more than satisfactory in terms of performance. Moreover, it comes with a 3 year warranty that makes it a good option to consider. Presently, this memory stick is available for INR 4690/- (8GB variant).

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