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Xbox One

Xbox 1 Hardware Specs

Xbox One

Microsoft have always known for bringing their best to the gaming table, and have always given Sony hard and tough competition. Their newest installment too isn’t anything short of a gaming sensation.

The Xbox One is a really powerful device with a 8GB RAM and 64-bit processors. Even though too much isn’t known about the Xbox One GPU, a Microsoft representative had mentioned that AMD was their primary partner for the custom silicon that makes up the GPU/CPU SOC, which is the heart of the Xbox One.

The Xbox One is built in such a way that it is able to communicate with servers within the cloud, which in turn increases the computation capacity of the device. Therefore, the cloud provides an unlimited number of transistors.

Actual game computations can be off-loaded to servers in the cloud as bandwidth improves, which is what actually makes Xbox One to become more and more powerful over time as transistors keeps getting added to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

Xbox One Specs

Source: IGN

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