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WTF Is No-Shave November?

WTF Is No-Shave November?

It’s November and if you’re thinking “Halloween’s done so I guess I can go back to looking normal”, well not quite yet cause “NO SHAVE NOVEMBER” or “MOVEMBER” is here!

Now I know most are ignorant about what it means, other than what the words imply which is “no shaving for the next 30 days”. Don’t worry, I’m with you folks, since just a week ago that is all that those words meant to me.

However to my surprise there is more to this than just pissing of your boss, teachers, or parents. This is about raising awareness about cancer by embracing your hair, which cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and crazy.


So we at gaming central have a challenge for you. The rules are simple grow a beard like your favourite video game character to win some cool gaming goodies. So put down that razor folks, stop going to the ‘nai’ and let darkness descend upon your face as it had upon Mordor.

You can also participate by starting a fundraising page but for more on that check:

For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

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