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The Winning Formula For Fantasy Sports


Fantasy Sports is at its all-time high in India. From a handful of companies until a few years ago, there are an estimated 60 fantasy sports platforms in India at present. The marriage of the simplicity of fantasy sports and India’s beloved past time- cricket, was bound to take the market by storm and so it has! Much like live cricket betting, capital is pouring in as more and more fans join to play their favourite game. It won’t be long until the fantasy sports industry becomes as giant and influential as the betting industry in India. 

In fantasy cricket, players have to create a virtual team of real players with the right skill and strategy to win a game. 

Here are some quick tips for fantasy sports that will lead you to a sure shot win! 

  1. Understand player performance

You might be inclined to choose a player you love instead of a player who is currently in great form, but that’s the first mistake you’d make! Players like Yuvraj Singh or Harbhajan Singh are stalwarts of their time but it’s a better strategy to choose players who play more regularly in current cricket matches. 

  • Understand pitch performance

Any avid cricket fan knows that every pitch is different and has its own strengths and limitations. For instance, a flat pitch is the batsman’s favourite or that Eden Gardens is a  fast-paced pitch. To win at fantasy cricket, you should pick teams accordingly and take a calculated decision. 

  • Selecting batsmen

Putting your best cricketers later in the batting order reduces their opportunity to bat as compared to the top four batsmen. This becomes even more crucial in shorter formats such as ODIs or T20s. Would you really want to put run makers like Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma at number 5 or 6? Hence, select players who are batting in the first four positions with care. It might not seem very important but make sure to choose players who are active and not benched throughout the season.  

  • Choosing captain and vice-captain

In fantasy cricket, the captain earns you 2X points while the vice-captain gives you 1.5X points. The combination of both is both crucial and deadly. You need to utilise these two entities as effectively as possible. The best way is to choose all-rounders as Captain and Vice-Captain who will perform consistently on the field and earn maximum points.


  • Strategizing

So far, it’s clear that having a fully realised strategy is most important in fantasy cricket. You should keep in mind the players, the pitch, the fixtures, previous performances, pick substitutes etc. A simple and easy plan will ensure a smooth win! 


  • Bonus Points

When playing with a point system, you want to score additional points! Catches, stumpings, run-outs all earn you bonus points. This makes it even more important to look out for good bowlers and fielders to improve your point score. 


  • Think before investing

It’s common to invest in players with a glorious reputation and history. However, oftentimes players are priced higher but their performance doesn’t match up to the standards of their bid. Such an investment would be a total loss because you would invest heavily and still would not obtain your desired outcome. Experience and reputation matters but you should try and maintain a balance of young blood and wise bards on your team to play effectively. 


  • Unity in diversity

Cricket can bring people of all nationalities, races, castes and creed altogether. When you make a team of your dream 11 make sure to also include players from other countries. That is why it becomes crucial to keep an eye out and track the career trajectories and performance of foreign players on a regular basis. 


  • Choosing bowlers 

Not just batting, but you must choose your bowlers carefully too! Selecting bowlers with low rates, will not really help you close the targets. Of course, that means you will not get too many points as well. Choose wicket-taking bowlers like Yuzvendra Chahal. They might give away a few runs but they consistently take wickets. 


Fantasy cricket may sound intimidating and competitive, which requires rigorous strategizing and your undivided time and effort, but in the end, it’s important to have fun and enjoy the game. It shouldn’t become a chore that you’re forced to do. With time, you will transform from not only a cricket lover but to a decision-maker who understands the nuances and gravity of selecting players to make a winning combination. 

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