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Windows 10 Making PC Gaming Worse, Microsoft Admits To Impacting Performance

Windows 10 Making PC Gaming Worse, Microsoft Admits To Impacting Performance

If you’ve been recently facing some stuttering and performance drops while playing games on your Windows 10 PC, the reason may not be your hardware. Instead, Microsoft has admitted that their latest Creator’s Update for Windows 10 has been causing issues with PC performance, specially since the inclusion of Game Mode. Turns out, the very update with the “Game Mode”, that was supposed to be boosting your PC’s performance might have instead been holding it back. This is not an issue with everyone, but has been reported multiple times recently.

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Microsoft’s Paul Aaron has put out a statement saying:

“Thanks to all of you who provided feedback and submitted traces via the Feedback app.  We’ve been reviewing the traces and have identified an issue that we believe is the cause of stuttering in some of the cases that you’ve reported.  We have a fix in the Windows Insider build that flighted to the “Fast” ring this week (build 16273 and above).  If you are already an Insider please test it with any app or game you’re having this problem with and let us know how it goes.”

Microsoft has been taking some flak for a while now from gamers, ever since Windows Vista and Games For Windows. Windows XP and Windows 7 are still considered to be the most stable OS experiences for PC users, and it’s strange that Microsoft has not been able to streamline these issues for so long.

As another user responding to Paul Aaron says:

Never understood why Microsoft never done a “Windows Gaming Edition” version of their OS, it will be a good step ahead to those gamers who want maximum performance without all the crap apps running in the background and ruining the gaming experience. With so many PC gamers around the world, i ask please Microsoft think about this!

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  1. I have installed many new games on my laptop and with the windows 10 they are not performing well, the performance of gaming has been reduced. The running of the game is not fluent. Please kindly update and fix this issue.

    • Have the same issue here. If I knew Windows 10 would cause such problem, I would not have upgraded my Windows 7. Damn you Microsoft!


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