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Where Will Indian Online Casinos Be 1 Year From Now

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What will happen with online casinos in India one year from now? There are two ways we can find the answers and share them with you. The first one is that we have the ability to see the future (not possible) and another is to analyze the data and deduce the probable future. We will use the second method and we believe that accuracy is 100%.


  • There will be a lot more online casinos


India is the fastest-growing country when it comes to almost everything and to online gambling too. New online casinos are developing as we speak and some of them are made specifically for gamblers from this very country. Then we have the fact old and well-known casinos of this kind are adding India as one of the available and supported countries. This happens as we speak, so we can provide an accurate situation in one year from now.

In 2020 Indian gamblers will have a better and more versatile selection of online casinos to choose. You will be able to get even better bonuses and you will be able to enjoy it more than ever before. All of this will make online gambling even better and more appealing period.


  • More games to choose from


This is an obvious fact so we won’t spend a lot of words explaining it. Add more online casinos and add the fact that all of them have been increasing the database with the new games and you can get a clear idea. New games are regularly added and as soon as one of them becomes popular, it must be added by the administrators. All of this suggests that in the near future you will be able to choose between more games, you’ll be able to play online roulette game for real money as well as other table games at the most decent casino sites. Despite this refers to slots more than to other games, but the case remains.


  • Much more gamblers


Each year the number of gamblers in India increases by 20%. Add the fact that this country has 1.3 billion people and we can see that each year, 2.6 million more gamblers will spin the reels at the casinos. This may sound impossible but if you calculate you will see that we actually provided accurate data. Now you can also imagine how popular and how impressive this market will become in the near future and why all big and plenty of new gambling providers will want to offer their services. For gamblers, this is a good thing. They will have more versatile list of choices and they will have more freedom when choosing the place where they will gamble and what to play. 

This trend isn’t something that will happen once. It will last as long as possible and it will probably grow exponentially, so you can get a better idea about the number of gamblers in the country within 10 years from now. 


  • Better and more versatile payment providers


At the moment, Indian gamblers don’t have a massive selection of payment providers that can be used for gambling. As a matter of fact, the choice is very limited and this annoys many gamblers. Luckily, there is something that will soon change here. More payment providers will list India as supported country when it comes to online gambling. Probably a few new payment providers will appear as well. In one year from now you will be able to use versatile payment providers and to enjoy as, much as possible by playing any game you like.

How do we know this? The answer is simple. We have mentioned that the number of gamblers will increase and it has been increasing for quite some time. This means that the market is growing fast and it will continue to grow. Where a market is growing, more and more providers and companies, in general, will want to make a presence. In simple terms, due to obvious gambling popularity in India, more options will be available for old and new gamblers.


  • Mobile gambling will be available at all online casinos


Even today, mobile gambling is more than just common in online casinos. Honestly, it is almost impossible to find an online casino where smartphones and tablets are not supported. However, in the near future, this will change. We can expect to see that all online casinos offer mobile gambling without any limitations or issues. Then, you will be able to visit any casino and play any game you like using your smartphone only. The list of new features will increase as well, so you will never need a computer.


  • Conclusion


In one word, gambling in India one year from now will be better. You will have more casinos to choose from, more games and new payment providers to use which makes gambling easier. Of course, there will be many more gamblers as well so this activity will be even more acceptable than it is today. 

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