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What are online fantasy sports?


Fantasy sports are games that can be played online on your smart phone or computer where users or participants select their own virtual teams from real teams in a professional sport. These teams compete based on the performance of the actual players in the real world. For example, you select your own dream team of 11 players from two real-world teams who are going to play a match in the real world. Then your team competes with the teams of other users/participants on the basis of the performance of the players in a real match in the real world. The players in your team will score points for your team on the basis of their performance in the real-world match.

There are many fantasy sports websites and apps and you can choose any of them. Register with the app/website and make money while having fun as well as sharpening your statistical skills, decision-making skills, etc. 

Are fantasy sports legal?

It is absolutely legal to play these games and win money and you also have to pay the tax if you win huge amounts. However, playing fantasy sports for cash is banned in Assam, Odisha and Telangana. Fantasy sports are regulated in India by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming. And these sports have become more popular with easy access to the internet, all thanks to Reliance Jio. It’s not gambling because it’s not based on just luck/chance: you choose players using your statistical skills and your knowledge of the sports and player’s performance and form. Sports in which the deciding factor is skill, as opposed to just chance, are perfectly legal to play for free as well as cash.

What sports are available?

Cricket is the most popular fantasy sport in India; you can download any daily fantasy cricket app and participate in any ongoing match, series or tournament. Some other fantasy sports that are gaining popularity with time are football, kabaddi, and hockey. 

Basics of fantasy sports

The basics of fantasy sports are quite easy. From among real players, users can create their own teams. Winning depends on the real performance of the players in real matches. The format of the game seems similar to the real game as the entire selection criterion, game rules and other parameters are the same. 

Fantasy sports keep users excited and engaged as they keep a watch on the real performance of the players on the field. Thus, it is beneficial to everyone — the organizers of the sports, broadcasting channels as well as fantasy sports players.



With so many international tournaments and series, as well as national leagues like the IPL in cricket and the PKL in kabaddi, there are always fantasy sports matches to play. So download a fantasy sports app and start gaming and making money while enjoying the thrill of playing your favorite sports.

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