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Best April Fools 2017 Goofs In Gaming

Best April Fools 2017 Goofs In Gaming

There’s no end to good goofs on April Fool’s day, and here’s the best of goofs around gaming from 1st April 2017.

How to Enter a Guardian in Breath of the Wild

This did look like a cool feature and made its round but well, it’s a hoax? How, well gamespot fabricated the entire thing!

Square Enix’s New Tactics Game

A Square Enix produced a trailer for a fake game called Tactics Alexander as a spinoff of MMO Final Fantasy XIV. Although a joke, it does look solid.


Turtle Beach Feed Bag

Turtle Beach Introduced the Feed Bag, which they dub the “F-Bag.” According the press release, “Attach the F-BAG to any Turtle Beach headset and wrap it securely around the lower half of your face so your piehole is perfectly positioned to feast.” Please tell me you guys actually did buy this (pun intended).


Nvidia’s New Gaming Assistant

Nvidia does keep posting updates to keep us on our feet. Although this one was way to fishy to be true.

A New Stronghold Card Game

The Stronghold series is (not) expanding with any new collectible card game Called Stronghold: Drawbridge, Firefly Studios has released the trailer above for the fake game. I guess you could see why.

A Nine-Screen Laptop

Sign me up! But wait, 9 screen. Looks supicious, well thats becasue it is. Although a good try by Newegg, I think the 9 screen feature gave it away.


Remake through a Demake

You guys can see the awesome graphic comparison to the one on the right side? That’s what you would call a Demake! Rather than a remaster project, WayForward has proposed a fake demake of the first Shantae game called Shantae: Demakeified. It’s designed for one-button input, which the developer says adds “a whole new layer of challenge to jumping, attacking, or just walking around.” Right!

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