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Watch Dogs Releases On Wii U This Week With DLC’s

Watch Dogs Releases On Wii U This Week With DLC’s

Watch Dogs is all set this week to internationally make its mark on the Wii U, with Nintendo offering some DLC content via the eShop.

Ubisoft’s open-world hacker themed action game shipped on cross-gen platforms and PC in May, right after a delay from its scheduled November 2013 launch date. Even the Wii U version was delayed due to ship on November 18 in the US, and November 21 in the UK.



Ubisoft did say that the Wii U version was not to feature the Bad Blood DLC, they have arranged some other add-on content available.

Through the Nintendo eShop, you can now download the Conspiracy DLC, which is an in-game mission where AI enemies are hunted down. The second add-on pack is Access Granted, which is basically a compilation of the pre-order bonus content that shipped across all versions. It includes new outfits, skills, and a trio of contract missions.


Ubisoft has shipped 9 million copies of Watch Dogs worldwide, which really put a dent into the sales figures.

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