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Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer First Impressions

Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer First Impressions

The multiplayer mode for Watch Dogs: Legion is set to release on March 9, but we got a chance to play an early access version of the upcoming mode last month. And we have to say, we were impressed. If you’re waiting eagerly to jump into the game with your friends, read our hands-on impressions to know what you can expect.

There isn’t much in terms of the story when it comes to the multiplayer modes from what we’ve seen, but the missions do become a lot more interesting when you have to adjust for your teammates. After all, adding multiple people to a game that’s supposed to be based around stealth will surely lead to some shenanigans.

Not only have single-player missions been adapted to suit the co-op, exploring the open world with your squad is a lot of fun too. If you’re familiar with the game’s Legion system. you know how random people from the street can be recruited to take part in missions, where each person can bring something unique to offer, depending on their skills and equipment. This aspect shines very clearly in the multiplayer, as now it’s possible to have more than one people in the team, where you can have each member taking care of a specific task suited to their skill set.

Of course, when you’re playing with friends, you can’t plan for every single thing, and some times you’ll find one or more of your teammates just running and gunning around. This is quite fun, don’t get me wrong, but depending on the mission, you might have to sit and chat amongst yourselves because they do require some level of coordination. And the game offers plenty of variety between different missions to keep things fresh. So, you’ll have quite of lot of ways to tackle objectives at your disposal.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online will also launch with a PvP mode called the Spiderbot Arena, where four players take control of armed spiderbots and battle it out in a free-for-all deathmatch. It’s fast-paced, action-packed and a LOT of fun. Running and sneaking around the arenas, taking your friends down as little spiderbots has quite a charm to it.

If you enjoyed Watch Dogs: Legion, chances are you’ll enjoy it even more with your friends. We know we did. And even if the single-player mode wasn’t your cup of tea, the chaos of the multiplayer mode is always a bonus and should be tried out. If Ubisoft plays their cards right, Watch Dogs: Legion Online definitely has the potential to take on the likes of GTA Online.

And these are just the initial launch features for Watch Dogs: Legion Online. According to the game’s post-launch plan, Ubisoft will continue to add more co-op missions, characters and a new PvP mode as well, called Invasion.



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