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Wasteland Wanderlust: Miller Family Distress Call

Wasteland Wanderlust: Miller Family Distress Call

So I’m on my way to the Castle. Gotta get it back for the Minutemen! And that’s when I come across Relay Tower 0SC-527. Interesting. Lets snoop around, see what this is all about. Maybe I’ll find some loot, or even a hidden entrance. I go round the back, and there’s this circuit breaker. Press X to activate. Absolutely. Whoa! A whole bunch of satellite dishes get activated and slide up the side of the tower. Pretty cool. Super Mutant Broadcast Signal Found. Miller Family Radio Signal Found. Military Signal Found. I am intrigued. I tune in to the Miller Family signal.

A voice speaks in dire desperation. Anyone out there my family needs your help. We’re trapped in our bunker in John’s Salvage Yard. Generator running the ventilation died, and now the hatch is shut tight. Vaccum sealed. Please, someone. We’re almost out of oxygen. The hatch is in the tipped train car. Please, start the generator. Kimmy, stay calm, honey. Breathe slowly. That’s it, slowly. And gets cuts off by-This has been a prerecorded message. Message repeats in three seconds. The message repeats.

Everything just stops for me. The pure distress in the man’s voice tugs at me. It’s heart breaking. And the robotic voice telling me it’s a pre-recorded message leaves me uncertain. Are they still alive? How long has the message been playing? How can the robotic voice be so indifferent to the man’s plea? I don’t know why that bothers me. Maybe it’s the harsh reality that the world will move on, regardless of the shitpile you’re in. Anyways, I can’t stop hearing the desperate plea. The message keep repeating in my ears.

Fallout 4_20151124191525

I look around for John’s Salvage Yard. Hell, the whole world looks like a salvage yard after the bombs dropped. But I need to find this. I need to find Miller and his family. I look around some more. There’s no quest or map marker that came. Oh, wait. Dogmeat’s barking! [Caution] Shit, something’s nearby. I duck and look around. It’s a bunch of Super Mutants and their ‘dog’ (if you can call it that). And that ‘dog’ spots Dogmeat. Dumb dog. Oh snap, they spot me.

Yeah, that didn’t end so well. I come back. Have to find the Millers. Oh, and there’s the Salvage Yard. I sneak towards it. Well, guess what? It’s occupied by Super Mutants. FML. Doesn’t waver my will. Gotta find the Millers. Shit, they spotted me again. This time I am ready. I think. I start shooting, take down a few. Dogmeat’s down. Fuck. I start throwing molotovs. They do the same. Guess who dies first?

I come back. Sneakier this time. Damn! Dogmeat gets their attention! I run the other way. Hey, a military check post. Lo and behold, a Power Armor! Fuck yes! I attach a fuse, and suit up. This time, I know I’m ready. I head back to the Salvage Yard. Hold on Miller, I’m coming to get you. The Super Mutants are not happy to see me come back. I give them lead, and my Power Armor holds it’s own, Suck on this, bitches! After fifteen minutes, twenty stimpaks, and thirty million bullets, the Salvage Yard’s mine! Bwahahaha!

The distress call plays constantly in my ear. Filling me with dread and anticipation. I hope the Millers are still alive.

Now for the tipped train car. The place is full of shipping containers, they all look like tipped train cars to me. Oh wait, there’s a generator. I run towards it and turn it on. It whizzes to life, giving out a constant purr. I am one step closer. Millers must be breathing a sigh of relief now. But where the heck is that train car? Aah, a flash of genius. I start following the wires from the generators. After a a few lamp posts, it leads down to a few containers, and then – FOUND IT – a tipped train car! I climb over and drop in. There a hatch at the end. Shelter: Press X To Enter.

It gets real quiet inside. It’s gloomy. Doesn’t give me a hopeful vibe. There’s a few odd letters, some random household equipment. I sift through quickly and move further inside. I spot a bed. Two people holding each other close. A man and a woman. Miller and his wife, Kimmy. Dead and decayed. They were dead years before I got here.

Fallout 4_20151124205011

Kimmy, stay calm, honey. Breathe slowly. That’s it, slowly. This has been a prerecorded message. Message repeats in three seconds.

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