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VR Gamers Day Out at Microgravity

microgravity ar vr zone

Our Crew recently visited Microgravity, a virtual and augmented reality experience center located in Gurugram. From our experience, this place is filled with activities from across genres. The place is clean, safe and exciting. We tried various experiences there which mainly includes Far Cry VR, 360 degrees roller coaster, Car simulation, and Golf. 

The tropical Rook Islands are now open for exploration via location-based virtual reality with Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity. Launched in partnership with Zero Latency VR, the experience is now open at 33 locations worldwide, and lets up to eight players at a time explore the islands’ pristine beaches and untamed jungle as they match wits with Far Cry 3’s Vaas and his band of pirates.

A team-based experience designed to run about 30 minutes, Far Cry VR: Dive Into Insanity equips players with wireless VR rigs, weaponlike props, and lots of space to move around in, and then challenges them to escape an explosive gauntlet of danger, as Vaas’ pirates hunt them for sport across paradise. Teamwork is just as important as a quick trigger finger, and players who work together might just make it to safety before Vaas gives them a final lesson on his definition of insanity.

Each Zero Latency VR location observes local guidance to ensure a safe environment for customers and staff.

Here is a glimpse of what can be experienced.

Our self proclaimed Top Fragger Hardik adds:

As a first time user of VR, One of my favorite experiences in VR was Far Cry, there was an amazing free roam space and the super cool thing was the weapon that they gave us which was realistic. Although it was a team game, it was a little bit competitive and I was the top fragger in that game. It’s one of the must play experiences one should have as it’s very immersive. Apart from this, The 360 degree roller coaster ride was super awesome. I could feel the bumps and turns on that chair. I highly recommend going to this place with your friends, kids or colleagues.

Hardik - Lone Warrior

Hardik – Lone Warrior


Our Veteran Gamer in the house Shubham Prakash adds

An extremely popular Ubisoft title in the gaming community, FarCry, which still reigns the PC and console gaming ecosystem received its VR adaptation not many weeks back. Guess what…we just tasted the same at the MicroGravity’s gaming hub in Gurgaon.

A co-op spatial VR game with a maximum of 8 players at a time, emersed into the infamous and inescapable island of FarCry 3. Well that’s what the definition of insanity is. It will bump your geese in nostalgia if you ever played FarCry…and for those who haven’t will surely come back to fall into the first category. As much as I want to break it for you, I still can’t comprehend my personal experience.

Immersing into such bleeding titles and tech feels like a privilege, but seeing MicroGravity and its youthful team aiming to normalise experiential ecosystem for the masses brings joy to the heart. A big thanks to the team at MicroGravity for hosting us at their flagship gaming hub. Can’t wait to crash in with my gang again.

Let the battle begin

About Microgravity 

Microgravity ( takes the lead in bringing world class location-based entertainment concepts to India. The company has introduced India’s foremost and a highly innovative gaming arena which is spread over 12,000 Sq. ft. The flagship facility in Gurgaon, Haryana offers best-in-class VR-AR experiences around Free Roaming, Golf, Travel, classic Video Gaming and Car Simulators. One of the key focus areas for the company has been enabling fluidity through constant innovation & refreshes, multiplayer and experiential at its best. Bringing to life ‘A magical world crafted with technology’, Microgravity’s gaming hubs include a partnership with Zero Latency for their state-of-the-art free-roaming technology. World leaders in this space, they have successful facilities in select cities like London, Las Vegas and Barcelona. Microgravity aims to bring this experience to everyone in the most fun, safe and immersive manner. A partnership with Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) ensures a multipronged disinfection strategy at the arena. With a mission to create communities around popular gaming and experiential content, Microgravity has gradually built its presence both offline and in the digital realm. The company has recently hosted and completed two highly successful e-sports leagues called the Microgravity Gaming League. This combination of online and offline through an integrated platform should enable social interaction & communities while delivering the most memorable experiences thereby capturing the gamers mindshare.

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