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Could The Video Game Industry Be Dead In The Next Few Years?

Could The Video Game Industry Be Dead In The Next Few Years?

The video game industry is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative industry, yet it is not quite sustainable, as evident by various layoff, numerous AAA studios closures and crunch stories.  

In the recent days, we have witnessed the closure of several of our loved studios such Visceral and Lionhead. There were two major reasons behind the closure of not just these two studios, but numerous of them. Both of these studios, like almost all the others in the market, are owned by big publishers like EA, Microsoft and Ubisoft. These companies often stress their subsidiaries to generate more revenue and affected by this stress, video game developers quit their jobs to pursue comparatively peaceful lives in other careers. These two reasons bring down the moral spirit of the team and ultimately leads to the closure of the studio.

Then there is another side of the story altogether. The AAA studios are shifting their attention from memorable single player games to multiplayer games as a service with the introduction of Loot Boxes and Microtransactions. This is undoubtedly driving away the hordes of gamers such as myself who do not wish to make any more payments once they have purchased a copy of the game.

If the conditions do not differ, the video game industry is headed to a certain doom within the decade.

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