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Upcoming iOS Game ‘Flewn’ Looks Fantastic

Upcoming iOS Game ‘Flewn’ Looks Fantastic

Flewn is a surreal storytelling experience of a world turned upside down. It follows the journey of an old whale on stilts walking through the desert in search of a lost ocean. Along the way, Whale meets new friends who pull together to help him and the rescued sea creatures he carries on his back. Their efforts are put to the test when they must overcome an ominous mountain pass to reach a new home.

Inspired by the art of Salvador Dali, the story of Flewn reads like an inverse Noah’s Ark. Each scene is a unique, hand-crafted combination of narrative, illustration, animation and music. Using the full capabilities of today’s ubiquitous multimedia devices, Flewn immerses you in a rich experience of story, character and sound.

The audience can easily scroll through the story or share the experience in a group setting. Each image can be touched and panned across the screen to reveal richly illustrated environments as the story progresses.

Throughout the story we are introduced to several characters, including Frog – on his “unicycopter” – whose unwavering support helps the struggling Whale on his difficult journey.

Interwoven through the narrative is a side-scrolling game mechanic that follows Frog’s journey to assist the whale. Frog must eat flies to keep up his health in order to complete each scene and continue the story.

Gabriel Smetzer, director/artist/programmer of Flewn says, “The idea of an old whale on stilts embodies a feeling of empathic depth that I find compelling. I really wanted to take the time to give the whale the dignity of a well crafted story for everyone to enjoy.”

Flewn will be available December 9th for $3.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch; (iPad 2 / iPhone 4 is a minimum requirement). An Android version will follow soon after.

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