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Fills Me With Determination: Undertale PC Review

Fills Me With Determination: Undertale PC Review

A game that came as a breath of fresh air in a room full of remasters, remakes and rehashes, Undertale is a tale like no other. Unique, witty and fun, that is what Undertale is all about and it doesn’t take long to establish that. Taking inspiration from RPGs like Earthbound ( Also known as Mother 2) and The Mario and Luigi RPGs, with its comedic inspiration being Mr Bean, it is the amalgamation of these with a dash of creativity and wit which is what makes this game so unique and fun to play.

Undertale starts off like most RPGs with a generic story, a young boy falls into a world of monsters and must find his way back home but that’s about as conventional as it gets. Once the intro is done, you get to taste the game for just a bit with an interaction that is bound to surprise you. This is followed by a heartwarming tutorial that introduces you to the very basics of the game, after which you begin your journey back home. Every character you meet is different and unique, ranging from skeletons with bad humour and a weird obsession with Spaghetti to dogs that just want to be petted. Characters react differently to the situations in battle as they have their own set of attacks, dialogues and sprites. The game never gets stale and intrigues you even more with every character you meet, making you want to know more about their world and about the characters themselves.


The game’s visuals are very reminiscent of the classic 8bit Legend of Zelda and Mother games but don’t let that fool you. It sets the atmosphere perfectly and still manages to look beautiful while also not looking out of place or jarring to the eyes. The game manages to convey emotions and feelings through just character movements and minute changes in their sprites which is a very simple yet effective way of storytelling.

The audio of this game compliments its visuals very well and is one of its best features with the music being phenomenal throughout. Music that makes you move with it and music that will move you from the inside, the game has it all. It does not feel out of place or forced in, it just feels very right, which will engross you even more in the game.


The gameplay itself is fairly simple, but still challenging. It’s a game where you solve simple yet intriguing puzzles to move onto the next path while encountering monsters. However, the unique combat system of this game is what adds to its repertoire as it not only acts as a way of progressing but also help build the world as these interactions allow you to know more about the characters from their dialogues and reactions throughout the battle. You can either Fight and kill or Act your way out of battle to spare them. Using the “Act” option allows you to interact with the monster by either checking them, which gives you information about them and also a little clue as to how to interact with them or by choosing the unique interact option each character has. Once you’ve “Acted” appropriately you can then spare them and end the fight. But that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? After every turn you must endure the enemy’s attacks by dodging them in a square pen. Every enemy has a unique set of attacks which makes it interesting and keeps you on your toes throughout each battle.


The story of this game is very captivating and is something that you must experience first hand, which is why it is up to you to decide whether you’re a genocidal maniac or a kind hearted child, whatever you choose though will have an effect on the story and interaction with characters. The game also remembers what you did in earlier playthroughs and doesn’t let you forget your failures, which will surprise you in many ways. This is one of those games that warrants multiple playthroughs as every playthrough will not only give you more insight into the story but also give you a new experience.


In conclusion, Undertale is a beautiful journey from the very moment it begins that one must experience by playing it blindly the first time. It is a refreshing take on the old cliches of this genre with every element of the game complimenting each other and helping with the storytelling. If you’ve lost interest in games or are looking for a new experience, this game is an absolute must play because this game will fill you with determination.


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  2. thats a great sense of detail and attention the reviewer has shown in this article. As a person who has lost complete faith in mmorpg, namely no man’s sky, i will surely enjoy this game.

    • Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I hope you enjoy playing this game.


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