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Turtle Rock Says Goodbye To Evolve

Turtle Rock Says Goodbye To Evolve

Evolve, the team based shooter released in 2015 received a mixed response from the fans, and went free to play this year in the form of Evolve: Stage 2. Now, it seems that the future of the game is unknown as the devs, Turtle Rock announced that “unfortunately today is the last day that Turtle Rock Studios can work on Evolve”.

The rest of the announcement is pretty vague, and doesn’t provide any information about whether the game is being shut down or sold or being handed to someone else. Neither does it go into the depth regarding the reason behind the devs’ leaving the game. However, one certain thing is that Turtle Rock, the team who created the game will no longer work on the game.

The game’s community manager, Shane Kali Meyer offers some detail in response to a fan wondering about the game’s situation, saying, ““2K ended our contract. We wanted to continue working on the project.” This is the second time Turtle Rock has had to say goodbye to an IP, the first time being with Left 4 Dead which was signed up by Valve.

Evolve: Stage 2 servers are still up for “the foreseeable future”, so you can try the game if you haven’t already.

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