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Top 5 Sony E3 2017 Predictions For PS4

Top 5 Sony E3 2017 Predictions For PS4

E3 is turning up pretty soon and rumour mills are in overdrive! Xbox no doubt will be bringing the Project Scorpio to the floor with a whole host of exclusives (we hope) for all to see. But today, I want to think and imagine, what could Sony bring? Here are my 5 Insane Sony E3 2017 Predictions that could and might happen.

1. Single Player Mode for Star Wars Battlefront 2


The 1st one was probably really good in the fact that it captured the awesome vibes of the movie with its competitive multiplayer and had a good hold on the graphics with the mountains of Hoth and the deserts of Tatooine. But it missed out on giving us a great single player mode like the original. Hopefully this time we can get a campaign on Star Wars Battlefront 2 that we all can’t wait for. Right?

2. Death Stranding Gameplay


This game has recently been getting a lot of attention since the reveal at last years E3. and now according to its wiki page, its at full production after Guerrilla Games donated their game engine ‘Decima’ to the revived game developers. With this underway, theres a good chance we’ll get a small gameplay footage on how and where they have gone with the game.

3. SOCOM Remastered Announced


Remember this, well, you’d have to had a PS2 to play this. In any case, it was PS2’s biggest first party title selling over 6 million copies. The game is currently trending the highest on Sony’s #BuildingTheList campaign on Twitter so there is a good chance they will listen and give back.

Lets just wait and watch, shall we?

4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider Announced


Crazy. Yes, but Crystal Dynamics got a dented reputation when it released Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusively on the Xbox for a year. And that would be the smartest thing to do again with ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’. So, it would be nice for them to announce it on Sony’s E3 stage and ofcourse, releasing it on all platforms.

5. Last of Us Part 2 Gameplay and Release Date


We all have seen the little reveal for The Last of Us 2 by now so I won’t get into the details of it but it anything, it looks just as good the the 1st one (which for me is still the best game I’ve played so far). Anyway, I want to see what exactly does Naughty Dog have in store for us. I want to see and feel the kin of emotions that Joel and Ellie go through this time round with a little gameplay footage. Enough to know what it plays like but keeping any of the plot away. And oh boy, giving a release date would just be blow the roof off at this years E3, so lets pray for that. Amen.


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