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Top 5 games you must play during the lockdown

Top 5 games you must play during the lockdown

Covid- 19 has impacted all of us in a myriad of ways. Our lifestyle, sleep routines, our work schedules, infact our recreational activities have also become limited within the boundaries of our homes. But human beings always devise new ways to keep themselves busy, active and entertained. We now turn to our phones, desktops and laptops to spend our time watching movies, listening to songs, or talking to our friends and family. Online games during

Covid- 19 have been a great source of entertainment, games as well all know have been a part of our lives for a very long time  but during lockdown the number of people playing games online has increased exceptionally.

In this article we will discuss top 5 games you must play during the lockdown:

1) Counter Strike Global Offensive

Sequel to the popular first-person shooter Counter Strike, developed by Valve, Counter Strike  Global Offensive has nine main game modes each with its own specifications, challenges and a touch of amusement. This game consists of two opposing teams known as terrorist and counter terrorist competing with each other in game modes to complete objectives such as securing a location, planting or defusing a bomb and rescuing or guarding hostages. This game requires a great  deal of attention and focus, this game’s competitive strike makes it so attractive and worthy of time that once started playing it becomes difficult for an individual to release oneself from the arena of playing.

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive

Gaming Gangout : Counter Strike 1.6 Vs Counter Strike Global Offensive

2) Minecraft

Minecraft developed by Majong studios is cited as one of the greatest and most influential video games of all times. The most admirable part about this game is its idea of not having a goal at all , which gives its  players  wide ranging possibilities to explore, discover, craft tools, build structures depending upon the game mode. This gives so much of freedom to an individual to chart their own journey in the game. Virtually infinite and procedurally generated  as the player explores it, this game opens up a whole new world to turn to, enjoy and learn from. The minute one enters the world of minecraft then it is hard to resist and limit oneself from moving and launching into different modes  of this game.

3) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

A first person shooter video game developed by infinity ward and published by Activision; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is created with a realistic and modern setting by picking up real life cases such as the Syrian Civil War and the terrorist incidents that have occurred in London. This aspect of Realism has given an additional edge to the game. This game features tactically-based moral choices whereupon the player is evaluated and assigned a score at the end of each level and rewards are introduced to those who score higher. The multiplayer mode of this game supports cross- platform multiplayer and cross-platform progression for the first time in the series which makes this game so attractive and lures plenty of players across the globe.

4) Online Casinos

The excitement and the thrill of online gaming multiplies manifolds when whilst sitting within the comforts of our house we can enjoy the ambience of the gaming zone

Introduction of online casinos gives an excellent opportunity to the players to experience it  and makes online casinos  such an attractive offer, because it  reveals to the players  twin benefits of entertainment and earning money. Online Casino presents themselves with top notch games such as Pai Gow, Sic Bow, Craps and Bingo along with some of the best table games including roulette and blackjack. Progressive jackpot slots, tournaments, online slots and a secure platform gives user satisfaction and makes online casinos  an amazing arena of gaming.

5) Online Poker Games

Traditionally played  inside houses among siblings and family members sitting facing  each other, poker has gained huge popularity with the onset of online poker games.The one among many reasons for this development is the safety ensured by online poker sites.  Online poker sites now offer varying features to entice players- one common feature is to offer tournaments called satellites by which the winners gain entry to real-life poker tournaments.The competitive streak and instant gratification provided by online poker games gives them immense popularity among its users and  makes it worth investing time


Inside each of us , there lies a gamer, who wants to compete, complete challenges and win exciting rewards, so in this situation of Covid-19 develop a gaming zeal and spend your time playing these games and get ready to be thrilled, amused and excited by these top 5 online games.

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