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Top 5 Dumb Reasons Gamers Give For Piracy In India

Top 5 Dumb Reasons Gamers Give For Piracy In India

We’ve all indulged in piracy at some point in our lives, even me. And we’ve always had some dumb reason to justify it. It’s either having no money to buy games, or pretending to take a stand against greedy publishers by pirating their games. No matter what the logic, here are some of the dumb reasons gamers give for piracy in India.

No Money

You know what, India may not be the richest country. But we still manage to have money for movies, eating out, building a powerful PC, upgrading to the latest smartphone annually, and buying consoles. We only run out of money when it comes to actually buying games. Weird!?

Slow Internet

Wait, how is that even a reas- Oh, so you’re buying bootleg CDs from Palika? Couldn’t you instead buy legit physical copies from a store? Oh, no money, I see..

Ubisoft Sucks, I’ll Pirate Their Games

Yeah, this is easily the dumbest reason you’ll come across. Gamers trying to deliver justice by pirating games from Publishers they don’t like is still stealing. And you clearly like the game enough to go ahead an pirate it, so how is that fair?

Bhai APK De Na

That’s right, we’re stingy even when it comes to mobile games that hardly cost Rs.100. Well, everyone else it doing it, so might as well get the APK from them. Mobile games aren’t real games anyways, right?

I’ll buy It During Sale

Now this is another genius reason for piracy I have started hearing recently – “I’ll pirate it and play it now, and then buy it on Steam during the sale.” If you feel that your need to play a game is more important the developer’s need to make money off their hard work, something is really wrong with you..

Hey, I’m sure you’ve got more ‘creative’ reasoning for your pirating habits, do let us know in the comments below.

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