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Top 10 Video Games That Critics Were Wrong About

Top 10 Video Games That Critics Were Wrong About

While, for the most part, video game critics voice an opinion that is resonant with that of the general audience, there is sometimes a stark divide between what they feel about the game and how an average gamer feels about the game. This could come from various factors such as time constraints, the reviewer’s personal preference and bias, or it could even be a case of the game not being of interest to the reviewer. When a game turns out to be a success in spite of initial tepid reception by critics, it’s obvious that they missed something that makes the game shine despite its flaws. So here are the top 10 video games that critics were wrong about.

Alien: Isolation

While reviews criticized the game for overstaying its welcome, fans of the Alien franchise fell completely in love with how painstakingly re-created the game world was in comparison to the original films. The AI of the Xenomorph always lead to an intense challenge and moments of pure terror, and clever gameplay elements always had the player on the edge of their seat.

Styx: Master Of Shadows

Styx: Master of Shadows is a surprisingly good and incredibly challenging stealth title, that somehow never got much live from critics. However, it almost instantly got a small yet firm fan base that loved everything from the unconventional protagonist, interesting setting and gameplay.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero

It’s hard to imagine that Counter Strike: Condition Zero did not review well at launch, specially given how it’s still among one of the favorite games for many Indian gamers. Many called it out as being more of the same from Counter Strike 1.6, but for those seeking a solid multiplayer experience that would run on a low end system and spotty internet connections, they couldn’t find anything better that Counter Strike: Condition Zero.

Killing Floor

Starting off as an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod and then going on to become it’s own thing, Killing Floor was one of the earlier co-op and multiplayer experiences that hooked in many gamers with it’s unique gameplay and ultra violent gameplay.


Destiny definitely had issues at launch, but the game still went to to garner a massive audience that stuck with the game for years. During these years, the developers took player feedback, and kept making improvements and adding quality expansions to the game, and as of today, Destiny is among the biggest video game franchises in the world.

Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line is not a perfect game, but it’s a modern shooter that offers a unique perspective unlike any other. Inspired by The Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now, Spec Ops challenged player morality by putting them in charge of some atrocious actions.


Even I will admit that ReCore has its issues, it’s far from being a bad game. The gameplay mechanics, combat encounters, level design, and even the visuals are all done really well. The game’s major flaw was that it was incomplete at launch, but that did not mean that it was lacking in content.

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is an easy game to jump into, and just as easy to jump out of. The game starts with you playing as a high level character going through a beautiful dungeon, taking down incredibly designed enemies. However, all too soon there’s a plot twist that drops the action for a bit, and this is where the game loses a lot of players. But for those willing to stick it out, Dragon’s Dogma offers great combat, satisfying exploration, and even some good story moments.

Remember Me

It’s not easy to pull of a good cyberpunk atmosphere with great gameplay mechanics, yet Remember Me did just that with it’s great story, likable protagonist and enjoyable combat.


Driveclub is still one of the better racing games on the PS4 today, though that was definitely not the case at launch. Poor online support and lack of content made for a bad first impression. However, with all the patches and visual upgrade, Driveclub is a ton of gun to play today.

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