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Top 10 Most Hilarious Steam Reviews Of 2017

Top 10 Most Hilarious Steam Reviews Of 2017

While their usefulness is debatable, Steam reviews sure can be funny at times. We often go through Steam reviews ourselves while looking for new games to play, and here are the top 10 most hilarious steam reviews of 2017.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Loading Screen Simulator

Nier: Automata

Dream Daddy

Conan Exiles

Resident Evil 7

Pit People

Planet Coaster

Night In The Woods

Have a funny review for a game you played? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. DayZ: Recommended

    This game is as progressive as the development team in 10 years…Which will have about 2 members sitting around on their brony roundtable scratching their heads as their means to contemplate an escape route from being lost in the Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as development stage). Therefore after my careful analysis, I have been driven to conclude that this game is completely recommendable:


    Basically what I described was the game is going nowhere, the development team aren’t doing anything and the game runs like (a)SS too. As if a cheese grater was being run against the back of a pig (yeah, not pretty).


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