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Top 10 Games Of This Generation That Every Indian Gamer Needs To Play

Top 10 Games Of This Generation That Every Indian Gamer Needs To Play

Everyone has their own backlog of video games, and it’s often not easy to play every single game that comes out. So we’ve picked out some of the best games of this generation which will bring you up to date on the state of video games today. These games are obviously not for everyone, but all of these games have something unique about them that sets them apart. So here are the top 10 games of this generation that every Indian gamer needs to play.

Witcher 3

Excellent story telling and world building, and still one of the best looking games on PC and consoles. While the combat is not the best, it’s strong enough to be enjoyable, and the incredible cast and excellent writing will keep any player hooked till the end. Also, the DLCs are fantastic.


Despite initial stumbles, there was something about Destiny that drew me in. The excellent combat, and lengthy and brilliantly designed raids just got its hooks in me, and since then I’ve over 200 hours in the game. Playing the game with friends is an absolute blast, and Bungie supported the game with solid expansions. Even with the lack of story in the game, for those who are willing to read up in the Grimoire, the lore in Destiny is hands down some of the best in any sci-fi game ever.

Bloodborne/Dark Souls 3

Speaking of lore, Bloodborne has that in spades along with some of the most intense and deliberate combat ever. Infused with the difficulty of Dark Souls and powered by a combat system that rewards an aggressive play-style, Bloodborne is a game that you just need to have played.


Doom strips away all the fat and is just pure gameplay. With the most basic of stories told in a presumptuous manner – of course there are demons, and of course you need to kill them – Doom is more interested in letting the players to rip and tear through waves of enemies, across carefully designed levels, using a variety of weapons. Doom is visceral, to the point that it’s almost a turn on.

Horizon Zero Dawn

You’re killing robot-dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic land. Horizon is probably the best mix of both a good story supported by even better gameplay. The story drops major plot points from time to time, and the combat ramps up in difficulty consistently, giving you new tools and weapons to play with while adding tougher enemies and challenges to overcome.

Uncharted 4

Nathan Drake’s final adventure is a fitting end to his story, giving closure to fans of the series and to the game’s characters themselves. While combat has never been the strength of the game, the story and the characters themselves are great. You’re taken across different countries on an epic adventure, all packed with set piece moments and beautiful vistas. And that ending is something any of us will ever forget.

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank was one of those PS4 exclusives that didn’t get the attention it deserved. It was among the best releases that year, with an interesting arsenal of wacky weapons, gorgeous and varied levels, and great boss fights.

Grand Theft Auto V

An action packed single player and a multiplayer that seems to have no end in sight, GTA V is a powerhouse. It’s become a phenomenon of sorts and has completely changed the way Rockstar works. GTA Online only seems to get bigger every month with the game topping sales charts even 4 years after release.


The season 1 of Hitman 2016 has given new life to the series, easily making it the best Hitman game ever made. Huge levels with multiple means of completing objectives, and a strong episodic format, Hitman is a game that I still play regularly. IO Interactive proves how episodic format can work well if done right, with regular content updates and high replayability.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Regarded by many as one of the best games ever made, Breathe of The Wild’s success is in how much freedom it gives to the player. With a physics based combat system, the possibilities seem near endless. And the game looks gorgeous, relying on art style instead of sheer textures and pixels to deliver a great looking game on a moderately under-powered system.

Honorable Mentions:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Persona 5

Nier Automata

Dishonored 1/2

Titanfall 2

The Last Guardian

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  1. Uncharted 4 is super cool game, i love the graphics and game play 🙂

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