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Tips for playing slots or how to earn money by playing slot machines

Tips for playing slots or how to earn money by playing slot machines

If you are looking for the best tips for playing online casino slots – you’ve came to the right place! In this article you will learn about simple rules, by following which you can increase your capital. Principles that were created on the basis of personal experience and the experience of professional players who have earned more than 100k+ dollars at the casino. These tips applicable for both online casinos and traditional establishments.

Profitable slots strategy

Good day, dear readers of the Gaming Central. If online slots have already become your additional way of making money, or you are just considering to play slots online now, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the key rules that every online casino player should know. But before we start, take a quick note. We applied these rules during the game at casino So, these tips working there 100%! Now let’s get back to the tips.

Gambling in casino online Casinonic

1. Don’t play without a good supply of money.

The amount of money in account is the potential for success. If there is only $ 20 for the game, then there is no point in playing at a $ 5 bet. Of course, there will be winnings in this situation, but they are so rare that sooner or later the brain will admit its defeat and you will start tilting which is equal to losing the game. It is better to enter the game with the good bankroll. Calculating the bankroll required for slots is relatively easy. To play with stakes of $ 2-3, you need to have at least $ 300 in your account (or better, $ 500). In this situation, it is sometimes possible to raise the bet rate (for example, if the slot machine is “hot”), but you should not get carried away and raise the rate more than 3 times from the norm. With such daring, the losing is almost a foregone conclusion.

2. Playing when you are on a tilt is pure evil.

If a series of games has led to a major loss, you need to urgently take a time-out from online games and forget about slots for this time. It doesn’t matter if you have to hold out for several hours or several weeks. Rest is necessary after tilting. You should give up your hobby and you might switch to any other activity, for example fishing. The continuation of the game in a state of complete tilt is practically a guarantee of fiasco.

3. Correct play time is the key to victory.

The best time for slots is when the maximum number of players comes to the casino. At such moments, the system is able to give a good win and on the contrary, in the “dead hours”, when there are almost no visitors, the probability that the machine will send out on a large-scale jackpot is practically reduced to zero. You should study the main audience of the casino and the time of maximum attendance of the gaming platform before starting to place bets.

4. Play only when you in good shape and mood.

Playing at a slot when you are very tired, upset, after a drink or on drugs is like just throwing your money out on the street. The probability of tilt in an inadequate state is maximum.

5. Choose casino sites with quick withdrawal of money only

It is best to play slots in online casinos, which promptly allow to withdraw money (no longer than 1 day). This is an important point that will be appreciated by the player after a major victory.

6. Make it a rule to change slots and software developer

The rule applies both within the same casino and across different platforms. If one of the online casinos fails, it is suggested to switch to another one that runs on different software. Or initially choose services with many different slot machines. How it works? Very simple. It is always obvious from the first 10 spins how the game behaves. If the slot does not keep the balance, occasionally gives out small bets, and the balance melts at the same time, it means that the slot needs to be changed urgently. If the machine starts eating your money, it will not stop and can take all the money without giving anything in return. And on the contrary – if there is a big win in the bonus game, this is not a reason to leave this slot. You can try to Spin it a little more.


If one of the rules\tips is violated, there is a likelihood of a hard tilt with the ensuing circumstances, including the loss of all the money.

May the luck be on your side all the time!

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