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These Redesigned Batmans Will Make You Drool Pt. II

These Redesigned Batmans Will Make You Drool Pt. II

Not too long ago, I had done this article on a Facebook group called Brainstorm where artists take part in a whole bunch of challenges. For a certain month their task was to redesign Batman including his Batmobile and needless to say the results were insane.

However, now I’ve come across another set of images on ScoopWhoop that depict Batman in different eras. Check them out


Viking Batman

Source – mlkshk


1714 Batman

Source – Alexon


Actual Bat Batman

Source – Luke Maddox


Ottoman Batman

Source – Eren Arik


Future Batman (Not to be confused with Batman Beyond)

Source – Ryan HDZ


Greaser Batman

Source – DenisM79


Actual Dark Knight

Source – Johnas Larona


Medieval Batman

Source – Daniel Abreu


Fantasy Knight Batman

Source – Kang Jason


Nightmare Batman

Source – Dookie ADZ


Post-Apocalyptic Batman

Source – The UnBrilliant


Vampire Batman

Source – Dark Matteria


Steampunk Batman

Source – R-tan


Batman 2046

Source – Isikol


Avenging Angel Batman

Source – Andy Fairhurst


Titanium Batman

Source – IronConquest86


Zombie Batman

Source – Diosdado Mondero


Demonic Batman

Source – Fear-sas


Batman Beyond version 2

Source – fc05


Fantasy Batman vs Wrym Joker

Source – Sandara


Street Batman

Source – Alex Tzutzy


Animated Series Badass Batman

Source – Ilker Esen


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