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The Best Of #GameGear, The Instagram Contest For Every Gamer!

The Best Of #GameGear, The Instagram Contest For Every Gamer!

Recently, we had an Instagram contest purely for Gamers. We believe that gamers are of all kinds. There are hardcore gamers. Then there are some who are casual gamers. But then, there are some who work all day, play Pokemon GO while they commute and then get back home and dig themselves into their gaming console or rig and then give their opinions through forums and blogs and – well, let’s just say there are a lot of kind of gamers!

#GameGear was a contest aimed to bring forward the personalities of all these Gamer Bros. What these Gamer Bros had to do was showcase an assortment of their gaming gear with a bit of their personality. Know more about this contest, here.

Top 5 #GameGear Winners

From Gamers to YouTubers to Developers, Gamer Bros are everywhere! Here are our Top 5.

Ankur Dhar (@airixed)

Ankur (@airixed), an active member of the #gaming community shares with us his elite #GameGear (with @repostapp). To be a part of the #GameGear Contest, Get Featured on our IG and WIN Flipkart Vouchers, click the link in the bio! ・・・ #GameGear These are my gears for war. My Razer BlackWidow Chroma for the best tactile feel & awesome rgb lighting and my Razer Oroborous to kill em with kindness😉. My Steelseries Siberia 800 helps me to hear every possible things while I’m playing. To get best out of RPG’s there’s the Xbox One Elite Controller. And my Dualshock 4 Controller, cause I love Nathan Drake 😊. My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to listen music and play some racing and fps games on the go. There’s the Moto Deck Speakers to get some heavy sound while im out. The WD My Passport Ultra never let me run out of data storage. The Nikkor 24-120 mm Lens helps me to capture some Excellent pictures when I’m travelling. And at last my max, he’s a little mad, but I love to drive his Rough Cars 😀.

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Abhinav Salaria (@gamesandgamersmania)

Devopam “Devozpaz” Baidya (@devozpaz)

Abheyraj Singh (@abheyraj)

Aadi Naithani (@random.asian.dude)

Everything in Aadi’s (@random.asian.dude) life points to #Gaming. Check out his awesome #GameGear (with @repostapp) ・・・ Gaming has taking over my life @gamingcentralindia! You can see that from this image! From books to sketches (I was the one who drew everything inside my head has been rewired to involve gaming! My #GameGear is basically my #SurvivalGear!  You can say that I’m pretty basic…after all I’m an aspiring doctor! I started with Mario and duck hunt, moved on to Dave, Roadrash and Doom and surprise surprise! I still play one or the other rendition of these classics. GTA3 made me a gaming monster! I’ve completed that game 6 times and I still occasionally play it! Moved to vice city and San Andreas…have a Pokémon obsession too! My android holds a part of my gaming life, my favourite game being ‘Into the dead’. My PSP along with GTA Chinatown wars has a special place in my heart. BAM! The most important member of #GameGear, my new PC (not the best but still trustworthy) helps me dive into the world of Hitman and Assassin’s creed. My Assassin’s Creed books bring the nerd outta me and I use these Youtuber bookmarks that I made (because games are expensive…so always trust youtubers). Most game that I own now are on Steam apart from GTA4 (I own the complete edition). Yes, that’s baby-me on the top right! (If this isn’t creative then I don’t know what is xD)

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Initially we had decided that #GameGear would have two winners and they would win Flipkart Vouchers. But here’s what – we had such a good response that not only did we extend the contest by a week, but increased the number of winners and amped up the prizes! G2A Game Codes, anyone?

We do have some notable mentions as well.

Shiv Issar (@shiv_issar)

Shiv (@shiv_issar) known for his extensive #Gaming knowledge in the industry, shares with us his #GameGear (with @repostapp). The #GameGear Contest has been extended to Friday, 5th August 2016. Get Featured on our Instagram and stand a chance to WIN Flipkart Vouchers! ・・・ #Gamegear #GamingCentralIndia Being the occasional game reviewer, I’m genre-flexible, so I usually like to mix it up a little now and then. The Xbox one controller’s for your typical third-person action games, but the Razer Deathadder and mousepad are what I really exploit when precision is a mandate. The open-backed Audio Technica headphones keep my situational awareness at its best. A Dell fan boy for life, most of my gaming happens on the move these days.

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Ayush Chauhan (@theindiannoob)

Nishant Aggarwal (@nimo848cn)

To see all our entries, check out our Instagram account: @GamingCentralIndia. If you want to show off your #GameGear, feel free to do so. We would love to feature you.

For more news and reviews, keep checking back at Gaming Central.

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