Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EK51070 review

Top Five Reasons To Get The Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EK51070 (Review)

As much as I enjoy PC gaming, I have always appreciated the convenience of a console. They are compact, can be easily moved around and set up in from of a television to play games on a big screen in front of a couch. However, I did want a similar solution, only instead of a console, I want a powerful PC running my games. Enter the Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EK51070 – an ultra compact gaming PC that is superior to modern consoles and is also somewhat modular. And when I mean compact, I mean that’s probably the size of a decent gaming headset. After having used it for about two weeks now, the Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EK51070 has definitely become my go to gaming system – powerful specs, better performance, and being easily able to move it around at will has been a real delight. So here are...

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