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Facebook’s Vision For Virtual Reality & Gaming

While the time of Farmville and Words with Friends invites might be over, but Facebook is once again indulging in the economy of online gaming. This time around it’s going to be simple. The “secret ingredient” or the key is the log-on-with-Facebook feature which allows publishers who use it to accept Facebook ads and as Facebook’s ad revenue grows, so does the revenue for the gaming companies. It’s a win-win situation! Over the past five years, Facebook has invested $8 billion to its developers, a major chunk of this amount was palmed off to game developers. In the year 2015, game developers who used Facebook tools for web alone earned $2.5 billion. If this isn’t enough, even the number of people who play games on or with Facebook has increased from 375 ...

PC Users Can Now Use Wireless Xbox One Controller

Earlier today Microsoft announced an adapter for Windows 10 users. This new adapter/dongle called “Xbox Wireless adapter for Windows” will be arriving on October 20. Windows Xbox Wireless Adapter will ensure PC and tablet users to use Xbox One controller without any wires. Previously PC and tablet users were meant to use Xbox wire controllers and now through this Wireless Adapter people can work, play and enjoy via Xbox One Wireless controllers.   Microsoft has confirmed that the availability of these adapters will be from October 20 and earlier this year Microsoft has announced, “We confirm the adapter will be in markets on October 20 in most of the markets.” However we could see something obnoxious since GameStop and Amazon has different releases on this prod...

Check out this awesome Gears Of War controller

I used to think any custom made controllers always looked a bit, well…no I just didn’t like them! But this by far is one of the best custom designed controller I’ve seen in  a while, its just so badass. End of Line Design’s custom Gears of War 360 controller are just something else.   Made by a person Devin, the controller pretty much nails the aesthetics and feel of the game. From the rusted textures to the blood splatter to the blue light in the middle.

What’s Inside a Game Controller ?

We all are curious as Gamers to check out the internal workings but a lot of times lack the guts to do it. Well this is exactly what an avid gamer Brandon Allen has put together an incredible collection of photographs, in which he’s dissected a number of famous video game controllers, spilling their guts all over a wooden table so you can gawk at what’s inside. PlayStation, NES, Dreamcast, Xbox, most of the major names are represented. Or, well, dissected 🙂 You can also check out the more detailed gallery here.

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