Wulverblade review

Wulverblade – Review

Brutal, bloody and barbaric, Wulverblade is a 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up set in 120 AD during a time when the Roman Empire was trying to conquer Britain from the South. With a very colourful yet dark artstyle, it blends the cartoon-y artstyle with a very authentic representation of the war-torn lands during that time period. Character sprites are made in 1080p to have clarity and sharpness and is good but at times can feel a bit too cartoon-y for a game that is so gritty. The whole art style is beautiful and portrays the time period and setting really well, however some might feel it looks like a well done flash game but dont let that fool you since it is quite brutal with execution moves and lot of blood and dismemberment that doesn’t look gruesome with the artstyle but it ...

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