Where’s my Kitty Cat

JetSynthesys Launches Where’s my Kitty Cat?

JetSynthesys, a leading digital entertainment and gaming company today launched “Where’s my Kitty Cat?” a mobile game for iOS users who are cat lovers and puzzle enthusiasts. This exciting and quirky game promises to fulfil the player’s fun quotient as he/she tries to find KITTY, the naughtiest cat ever! Kitty could be anywhere, hiding under cars, over the dining table, in the bath tub, on the neighbour’s porch, in the fish market; the world is her playground. The player needs to use the hints given and logic to solve the different puzzles and find Kitty. Some features of the game include: 160+ levels Explore unique locations Enjoy unpredictable moments On the occasion of this launch Roopak Nair, Vice-President, Product and Marketing, JetSynthesys said, “After the successful run of our spo...

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