5 Reasons To Play Star Wars Battlefront

Star wars Battlefront, developed by Dice and published by EA released on┬áNovember 17, 2015 and here are five reasons why you should definitely play it. Fight as Rebels or as the Storm troopers of Empire Fight for the Empire or the Rebellion offline, solo or with a friend. Be it co-op or multiplayer and be prepared as its going to be a wild ride.┬áMay the force be with you! Large Scale Battles Imagine large scale battles with some players engaging in dog fights in X-wings and TIE fighters while you are going all pew pew on the enemies in your sight. Well imagine no more, because you would be able to just that and more! Play as your favourite Hero…or Villain Yes you heard that right! Star Wars Battlefront will allow you to play as your favorite heroes such as Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo o...

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