HyperX Globally Announces The Arrival Of Predator Refresh (DDR4) For VR

As the technology of CPU and GPU keeps evolving, it is no doubt that Virtual Reality has explored itself in mainstream lately. Games and apps applied to VR devices have already grabbed gamers’ attention worldwide and everyone just can’t wait to jump into the bandwagon of games. However, it actually takes more than VR device to experience the alternative reality. HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology, the independent world leader in memory products, provides a total solution for gamers to upgrade the system and make sure it keeps up with the suggested requirements. To have nice and smooth VR gaming experience, it’s recommended to have at least 8GB modules within the system, and 16 GB if you need to work on 3D rendering or video editing.  For gamers who want to upgrade the RAMs, the upco...

Facebook’s Vision For Virtual Reality & Gaming

While the time of Farmville and Words with Friends invites might be over, but Facebook is once again indulging in the economy of online gaming. This time around it’s going to be simple. The “secret ingredient” or the key is the log-on-with-Facebook feature which allows publishers who use it to accept Facebook ads and as Facebook’s ad revenue grows, so does the revenue for the gaming companies. It’s a win-win situation! Over the past five years, Facebook has invested $8 billion to its developers, a major chunk of this amount was palmed off to game developers. In the year 2015, game developers who used Facebook tools for web alone earned $2.5 billion. If this isn’t enough, even the number of people who play games on or with Facebook has increased from 375 ...

A Better And Upgraded PS4 In Works?

Rumors in the gaming world come and go but this specific one catches the eye. As always take this rumor with a pinch of salt as nothing is concrete. The latest rumor suggests that Sony might be working on a new and upgraded version of the PlayStation 4 which would be able to play games on high resolution of 4K. This new PS4 will “supposedly” not only be coming with a better and more powerful GPU, but it would also have more processing power which would help in running games in 4k and in virtual reality, at a higher fidelity. Whether Sony will allow the current PS4 owners to trade in their current consoles is something we still don’t have an idea about. In simple words, 4K resolution is around four times the pixel size of 1080p, which is the current standard for games on P...

Samsung Launches Gear VR & Wearables In India

Samsung has officially launched the Oculus powered Gear VR along with Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic smart watches. The Gear VR is priced at Rs. 8,200 and is available online on Flipkart, and offline at Reliance Digital and Croma. As of now, it’s only available in Frost While color. The Gear S2 is priced at Rs. 24,300 and comes in Dark Grey color with Silver case and sporty band. The Gear S2 Classic is priced slightly higher at Rs. 25,800 and comes in Black casing with leather band. These smartwatches will be sold online exclusively from Flipkart along with other Samsung Retail channels. Samsung Gear VR Features The headsets have dimensions of 201.9 x 116.4 x 92.6 mm and weighs 310 Grams. It has improved touch pad for optimum experience when gaming, accessing films and 360-degree video....

Cryengine now supports Android TV and Occulus rift

The latest update to Cryengine by Crytek has brought in support for Virtual Reality and Android TV development. Both full license and the subscribers will be granted equal access to the new VR toolset which the update offers, also support for additional VR platforms will be coming later. The update also brings the support for the android TV developers, but there’s no mention supporting the development for android mobile devices. The major objective of the update was to bring in the support for the VR.

Nvidia VR Headset Discovered Among Filed Patents

Latest reports suggest NVIDIA is ready to throw down the gauntlet to Oculus and HTC. Declassifiled has discovered a patent for a VR Headset filed by Nvidia on June 3. What sets it apart from other VR Headsets is it’s noticeably small size, and three included sets of cameras. We speculate this is for integrating motion recognition, as it’s touted to have “sub millimetre movement resolution”, which means it will be able to recognise even minute twitching. It will come with a “High end processor”, which we expect to be the new Tegra K1 chip, which will be powering everything from cars to microwaves in the near future. There is also a network adapter module on there. So… future Nvidia GRID candidate? Who knows!

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