Here Are The Updates Planned For Final Fantasy XV

There’s a long road ahead for Final Fantasy XV, and here’s everything that’s planned. this the is official statement: I hope you are all enjoying Final Fantasy XV! It’s been exciting to see players around the world take to this new style of Final Fantasy. Thanks to your support, we shipped five million units worldwide on our release day! We are truly grateful to all of you who picked up a copy. As I’ve said before, release day is not the end for Final Fantasy XV, and I would like to share some of the things we have in store. The great reception we have received has actually allowed us to expand our plans even further. We want you to enjoy Final Fantasy XV for a long time to come. We have been listening to your ideas on how to make the game experience even better, and so i...

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Allows All Modes Across All Maps

As of today, you can play all the game modes in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition across the entire map catalogue. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition developer The Coalition has updated the game’s multiplayer portion to allow for all modes to be played across all 19 included maps. This is done by removing map restrictions from all of the game’s playlists. The Coalition is looking for feedback to see what works and what doesn’t. The developer wants fans to visit the game’s forums and tell them how everything is playing out. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is available now. You can also read our review here. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central.

Hangouts 4.0 Update Begins Rolling Out To Android

The new update of Google Hangouts has begin rolling out, the new update has brought several changes to the app, like more responsive redesign that fully embraces material design. General outline and responsiveness are the greatest advantages in Hangouts 4.0, however Google is additionally including gathering MMS utilizing Google Voice, better Android Wear coordination, and new Outbound Caller ID in the Hangouts Dialer. Full list of changes is as follows: 1) It is more sleeker. 2)Simpler. 3) Faster. 4) Make affordable calls from the Hangouts Dialer. 5)Receive and reply to group MMS messages in Hangouts using Google Voice. 6) Use Hangouts on Android Wear when you really have an eye on the time. For more news and reviews, keep checking back Gaming Central

Overkill Halts Updates for Payday 2 for Last Gen Consoles

Overkill Software is no longer supporting Payday 2 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. They announced it on Steam back when the Crimewave Edition, and this has come to the forefront when they responded to an angry fan on twitter @Supa_Fresh_Sikh @Uncle_Gmima We know you’re pissed. And we hate it too. More info here: http://t.co/Uf739eDAoT — PAYDAY (@PAYDAYGame) July 6, 2015 This is what they have to say about it, straight from the horse’s mouth: (From the Steam Page) “Q: Will you continue to support PAYDAY 2 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? A: In connection with this, we have decided to retire the PAYDAY 2 update development on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. We wish we could provide more updates. For a long time, we’ve been looking at how we could add more updates from a technical...

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